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Bannerghatta Biological Park & Zoo | Bengaluru | Sumeet Suryodhan | Travel Vlog


Hey., evryone hows you all doing this is sumeet suryodhan back with a new travel blog to make your winter bloom. n
ow monsoon has taken a leave, winter is around and it is the best time to visit the tourist place around the Bangalore. As winter begins, many tourists booked their calendar for treks and tours nearby Pune & Mumbai and outer region of Maharashtra too. I Sumeet Suryodhan had also started some trekking and Tour activity this winter. On last Monday evening, we (I & My Cousin’s) decided to go for a tour on Bannerghatta Biological Zoo on Tuesday. This time we decided to complete the tour with the help of self-owned transport.

 About Bannerghatta Biological Park and Zoo:

Bannerghatta National Park is a popular tourist destination and around 22km from Bengaluru. In 2002 portion of the park become Bannerghatta Biological Park. Bannerghatta National Park includes a Butterfly Park, a Safari Park, a Zoo, a Snake House, and a Pet Corner.

Bannerghatta National Park is a 104 square kilometer zoological park located around 30 minutes South of Bangalore. To get there, take the Nice Road from Hosur (Rs 30 toll) and Exit at Bannerghatta Road (it is the next exit and it comes at around the 9KM mark) and drive around 20 minutes on that road to get to the entrance. There is also excellent public transportation to the place (BMTC buses 365, 366, 368, and Big-10). The park is open 9AM to 5PM and closed Tuesdays.The main activities available at the park are the safari, the zoo, and the butterfly park.

The zoo is also very well organized and covers an area of 12 hectares at the moment, although there are expansion plans for another 28 hectares. It hosts over 1400 animals belonging to over 70 species. The complex also has a museum, auditorium, and an animal hospital (no access for visitors) inside the premises. Prominent animals on display include cayman crocodiles, panthers, hog deer, a good variety of exotic birds, etc. They also occasionally have feeding time, demonstrations, and such - we got to pet a baby elephant! Also, the albino peacock was a first for us.
White Tiger
Not everything was perfect at the park when we visited: Parking was not that well organized, ticketing areas were chaotic, restroom facility was well below par, and there were no restaurant options to speak of (Hotel Vanashree Mayura is next to the entrance but did not look appealing).
How to Reach Bannerghatta National Park:

Bannerghatta National Park is well connected by public transportation; BMTC buses (AC and NON-AC) are available with good frequency from Bangalore.

Visiting hour
 Zoo: 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Grand Safari: 10:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Butterfly Park: 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM

- Photography & Videography is allowed with additional charges.
- Grand Safari and Butterfly Entry fee apart from Zoo Entry fee.
- Boating is also available with additional charges.
- You can also choose to visit by rental vehicle or private vehicle (Parking space is available).

If you are visiting there be there by 10:00 AM
Me And My Cousins 
Bannerghatta Butterfly Park

After completing the safari trip we visited the Zoo inside Bannerghatta National Park. The zoo was crowded. Inside the zoo there were several battery operated vehicles which one could hire for round trip of the zoo. We walked around the zoo and were excited to see different animals, species etc. The main attraction was however the Butterfly Park. Flying colors in the true sense!!

Other Attractions at Bannerghatta National Park and Zoo

Wildlife film show, Museum, 3D show, boating etc.
All in all Bannerghatta National Park is an amazing place with all facilities right from parking to hotels, resorts, restaurants and restrooms. All these are within the park itself.                        
All this made my journey a memorable one. Thanks to Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation. 

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