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Essentials: After-Shave

"Cleanliness is next to godliness".
  -Mahatma Gandhi

Hello everyone, how is your spring season going on... I hope so you liked my previous post related to skin cleanliness and its care..
Today i will discuss something interesting which is required for every male to follow.
But unfortunately hardly 60% men's follow this... Yes you heard right only 60%..

Today's article is specially for men and teenager boys. How many of you shave your beard weekly and apply shave lotion after you get your beard shave...
You can mention below in comment box.
So from the above talks, i guess you might had came to know what is today's article all about.

Yes it is about "After-shave lotion".

Old spice gift set
what is After-shave lotion ?
After Shave lotion is liquid which is applied to skin after the shave, it contain antiseptic agents denatured alcohol, witch hazel to prevent infection cuts, as well as to act as an astringent to reduce skin irritation. menthol is used in some variety  to numb damage skin.
some after-shave lotion use fragrances or essential oil to enhance scent. 

Benefits of After-shave lotion?

  • An After shave lotion can arrest the bleeding caused by shaving & help you facial skin heal faster.
  • it is soothing effect on skin.
  • Hygienic benefits include skin pores clean & bacteria free, this help prevent acne.
  • a after shave lotion makes man feel more confident.
Old Spice after-shave & deo

Which After-shave lotion should you buy?

  There are many company who deals with manufacturing of after- shave lotion and shave foams but i would suggest you to buy "Old Spice shave lotion" because it is brisk as an ocean breeze! Cools, stimulates, refreshes.

 Puts you in command, soothes and refreshes your skin after shaving, helps heal tiny razor cuts & nicks, use liberally after each shave over face, neck & body, wonderful for use in the evening too and also smells very good.

How to select an after-shave?
  1. Select a lotion or gel that contains non-greasy moisturizers and skin calmer to help to seal in your skin natural moisture barrier for smoother look and comfortable feel.
  2. Or you can use after-shave splash, which tend to be alcohol-based to close pores and provide fragrant scents similar to cologne.
  3. The only watch-out is alcohol-based splashes can be drying to skin. so remember to use skin moisturizer if needed. 
Where can you buy this?

 You can get Old Spice after-shave kit near by your pharmacy store or online portal like amazon, flipkart or ebay. (you can click on portal name, it will redirect you to the product page).

 Old Spice

Review for Old Spice after-shave?

Many buyer of old spice after-shave have given a very good review for the product. they liked the fragrances of the product some of them liked the cooling agent of the product.
you can check at this link ("Review") .
Benefits of applying an aftershave include keeping your skin moisturized & irritation free. Think your shave is complete after that splash of cold water? Think again. If you really want to avoid that dry, tight feeling, it is important to use a quality after shave balm, gel or lotion which can help moisturize, calm and cool your skin.

So what are you waiting for... go purchase and live a healthy lifestyle.
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