Tuesday, September 25, 2018

You Are Beautiful : Charcoal Mask

"Invest in yourself, you can afford it.. trust me"..!!
   -rashon carraway

Hello.. everyone hows you all.. its been a long that i haven't posted any blog.

so today i have came up with a blog which is completely new,. its a blog related to "Lifestyle".
its my 1st blog related to lifestyle and soon blog will be updated with many more lifestyle and fitness related topic.
so tell me 1 thing whats important to live a healthy lifestyle....
you can advice me in below comment section.

hmm.. for me 1st thing comes in my mind to live a health life style is good and proper care of your body isn't ?

what is healthy lifestyle - in simple term healthy lifestyle means to eat good and nutritious food and avoid all factors which effect our lifestyle like drinking, smoking and many more.

Very Important thing is to maintain proper care of skin, hair & body and provide good immune to boost your body system. in future blog will discuss each and very topic on it..
in today's blog will discuss about "How to Care for Skin".

our skin is made of very delicate tissues, if one wrong step taken on skin whole thing seems to look very bad.. so what are the steps for maintaining it..
i will give you idea & tips, from which your skin will be healthy and moisturize.

There are billion of peoples in the world each of them has a different skin tone and skin type. 
some skin tone are fair, blackish, mid brownish etc and skin type are dry, oil etc.
many peoples here don't know what things are required for skin depending on their skin type. our skin consist layer of tissues, facial skin is most important in today's world to look good and it needs a proper attention. our face skin meets lots of dangerous smoke, dust, and pollution in daily life from all this our skin tissues produces oil or become dry and result in to black-heads and white-heads, blockage of  pores in skin.

below image you can see how it looks
Black heads & White heads

black-heads and white-heads are small bumps that appear on skin due to clogged hair follicles and removing of such bumps is to necessary so that skin stays healthy & moisturise.

how to remove black-heads and white-heads?
    There are lots of way to remove black-head and white-heads like their are tools to remove by scrolling on it, creams, home remedy and black-heads strips but as previously i mentioned one wrong step taken on skin whole thing seems to look very bad.
i would suggest the best and simple way to remove it : that is using "Charcoal Mask"
its the most trending thing in today's beauty life.

what is Charcoal mask?

The charcoal first draws bacteria, toxins, chemicals, dirt, oil, and other micro-particles to the surface of the skin. It then absorbs those foreign substances and carries them away when you rinse the charcoal off your face.

How to apply?
 it is very easy to apply, you just have to take small amount of Charcoal mask gel, and apply on your whole face, and let it dry for 15-20 minutes. after that you have to peel the mask by removing it from skin, you will see all the dust and black-heads & white heads will appear on you peeled charcoal mask.

Below are the images you can see i had applied.
Sumeet Suryodhan
what are the benefits of Charcoal Mask? 
  • Cleanse pore.
  • Absorb oil.
  • exfoliate.
  • remove black-heads & white-heads and dirt.
  • Leaves your skin cleaner, healthier & smoother
You can buy Charcoal Mask online in various shopping or beauty portal, there are many companies which manufacture charcoal mask and price range are from mid to high.
but as per me i would recommend "wow skin science activated charcoal mask". it is best mask gel and no sign of any side effect.

You can see below how my skin tone was before & after applying charcoal mask.
Sumeet Suryodhan
So what are you waiting for... go purchase and make your skin healthy and live a healthy lifestyle.
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