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The office time - Official wear clothes Sense.

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  -Marc Jacobs

Hello peoples, how you all are doing... hope your spring is going good.
I have started getting a good response from the peoples regarding an article on fashion.
I had been thinking a lot related to article based on fashion sense, and then finally I got some quick idea related to official wear dress sense i.e Formal wear.

There are lots of article related to fashion wearing, but what matter is the sense of wearing clothes, because in today’s time people wear clothes without any style-up sense. If you have a proper sense to wear a clothes than even a basic dressing style looks to stylish.
In today’s article I will discuss about sense of wearing the formal clothes i.e. perfect combination of shirt and trouser for office.

First of all many of them makes mistakes in term official wear, official wear is something much different than casual and party wears.  Official wear has its own unique look like,
For ex. light Solid color or strips shirt with cotton trouser at bottom, with pair of polished shoes and business look classic watch and simple hooked belt. And whereas peoples make mistakes in this look only,
For ex. No color matches are found between the shirt and trouser, as well belt is much more fancy then the regular office belt. By this entire situation there is no sense in wearing the official wear.

In this article I will share some sense tips related how to dress well for an official meeting of office or official party. Most important thing for best official looks matter is your hygiene, hygienic plays a key role in this. Even though you wear a very expensive official suits, but if you don’t maintain a good hygiene, you won’t be able to look official that you want to look.
In Sense Paradise fashion blog, will guide your from your hair to toe about how stay hygienic.

So below are some important steps for healthy hygienic lifestyle.
·         Very first step to maintain quality hygiene is your “hair”, yes you heard right hair plays key role. Keep your hair trim and medium in size; don’t over grease it with oil or any other stuff.
  •        Keep your nails trimmed and short
  •     Apply good moisturizer to your skin, so that the tissue of your skin stays healthy.
  •     Drink lots of water every day to keep your face skin look fresh.
  •     Always shave your beard and mustache twice a week using shaving foam only. You can read my article( Essentials After Shave) for more tips related to shave.
  •      Most important eat healthy food.
Above were some of steps related how to maintain a good hygienic, now let’s come to the topic i.e. sense of dressing for official wear.

In today’s business life, most of us half-life is spend in office, and to the business men at his own business. Each of them has its own choice and preference to wear what he or she likes in office as per office rules and guidance. What all I am recommending in this article related to sense of wearing the official wear is commonly used in every office…. So let’s start.

Sense tips and hack for official wear for office.

·         Shirts: I would recommend a basic light color solid shirt for the peoples who like to wear solid color shirts (for ex. light pink, sky blue, orchid orange, yellow, white) . And bright color to the one who preferred to wear strips or checks shirt for ex. (white shirt with black dots, navy blue shirt with white strips). But when purchasing strip shirt do buy single strip or polka dots shirts, this look to amazing.

·         Trouser or bottom: The best bottom for the shirt I would recommend you is chinos because chinos are well in look wise for official wear, as myself I wear. While purchasing the chinos go for too bright color or too dark color, because this two color will suits above mentioned shirts color, for ex. I would recommend light grey, black, navy blue, light blue and dark coffee color.

  Watch: Best of best I would recommend to wear a simple dial watch not too big or too small dial. I would prefer a silver dial watch with black strip. This combination of watch suits on maximum official wear.

·         Belt: Now coming to this part I would recommend buying a black leather color as well as leather brown color belt with simple or basic locking hook. As per your shirt & bottom you can decide which belt color to wear.

·         Shoes: This is the main and extremely important to wear a good pair of shoe, because most of peoples notice everyone by their footwear. In my case I usually do, because footwear is something which gives a small hint that, what type of lifestyle you live.

·         Handkerchief: Last but not the least, handkerchief is must in every part of your clothes wear, no matter its whether official or casual wear.  Always use dark color handkerchief.
   So this were some tips and hacks related to sense of wearing an official wear and get an amazing look.

   Some of basic important thing to keep in mind while wearing official wear.

1.       Always wear a shirt which is well ironed or pressed.
2.       Always keep your shirt IN with the bottom.
3.       Don’t wear your bottom too low to the waist or too high to the waist, just wrap it around at waist and wear it.
4.       Groom your hair properly and don’t apply much oil or any other stuff which makes your hair look greasy.
5.       Whenever putting on scent, use a scent which has light fragrance.
6.       Carry a handkerchief.
7.       Always keep your shoes polished and remember never wear a socks which u used it yesterday, just wash it out and wear.

I hope you liked this article related to sense of wearing the official wear, with some tips and hack. You can see my image for example, that how I have dressed for an official meet and greet.

So peoples if you have something in your mind or confused related to fashion, fitness & lifestyle , you can let me know and I might help you.
so what are you waiting for... go get some new formal wears and be a icon

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